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What's Wrong With My Painting?

As an instructor, this is likely the most asked question I receive! We've all been there....we're frustrated with our painting, even though it seems to be drawn well and even painted well, yet we know that something is 'off'. Something isn't quite right, and we can't put our ifnger on the reason why.

If you've been there, I can tell you that nearly 100% of the time, the culprit is VALUE!

Learn the significance of VALUE.

Whether you've been painting for years, or are new to watercolor, value can prove to be one of the most elusive design elements to master, and will have us chasing our tails if we don't learn to recognize how it works in our our paintings.

How can value be so important?

If you've painted for any length of time, you've heard and probably used the term 'value'. But having a basic concept of 'lights vs. darks', isn't nearly enough to capitalize on the importance of value and how it is the single most important aspect of your painting...even above color!

Value demystified!

Through this course, I'll help you develop a strong foundation in what value truly is, how to identify it, and use it with confidence in your work, to produce stunning form that captures the essense of your subject to a new level.

Hands ON!

We will be doing extensive drawing and sketching exercises in charcoal to develop our eyes for recognizing value, and learning to use this new information throughout a step-by-step series of watercolor paintings.

Meet Your Instructor

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Welcome to the Drawing For Watercolor Workshop! I'm Jill Williams, a professional watercolorist, nature enthusiast, full time RV traveller, and instructor, who's passionate about developing and sharing my artistic skills with other artists working in watercolor.

I've been drawing and painting for over 40 years, and instructing others for nearly a decade. I have an online painting community and annual membership, with students from around the world who paint with me on a weekly basis.

Join me for a newfound understanding of value and how a proper approach will bring new clarity and rich drama to your watercolor paintings like never before.

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Students can expect a noticeable shift in their value observations, drawing accuracy, and the impact it has to elevate the quality of their paintings.

What Will I Learn?

The Drawing for Watercolor Workshop™  gets you started right away with foundational elements in value, use of materials, and drawing practice, by leading you through the process of preparing and completing watercolor paintings based on your own comprehensive value studies in charcoal.

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How Does the Course Work?

The workshop is divided into three sections to ensure you're building the right foundations: Intro Modules, Exercises, and the Lessons. Each section builds on the other and provides clearly defined objectives and video instruction that will keep you working toward building your drawing and value skills.

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Intro Modules

We’ll begin with a look at materials, processes, and supplies, how they work, and incorporate a few introductory exercises to help you develop a comfort level before diving into more advanced exercises. Video topics include: Charcoal, Graphite, Paper, Fixatives, Making a Pounce, Erasers, and Sharpening

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We’ll achieve a deeper understanding of value using charcoal and pencil, through a series of step-by-step exercises, studies, and completed drawings, that will all elevate the draftsmanship of your underpainting.

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Now it's time to start putting everything you've learned so far into action, from the preliminary sketching, value assessments, and corrections, to transferring and working through a completed painting based on your comprehensive sketch. There are three separate, full-length paintings covered in the lessons, that walk you step-by-step through the detailed sketch, value assessments, and subsequent painting that provides complete color information and video instruction.

Workshop Schedule

There are 21 videos included, that provide clear, step-by-step instruction, so that you're gaining the insights and hands on practice you need to succeed with value in your drawings and watercolor paintings.

Welcome to Drawing for Watercolor with Jill Williams

Charcoal Intro for Drawing for Watercolor

Graphite Pencils used in Drawing for Watercolor



Making the Pounce for Drawing for Watercolor

Sealing finished work

Value Scale


Finding Form with Value

Draped Cloth Exercise

Apples in Shadow Exercise

Using Graphite for Value

Transfer Process from Drawing to Painting

Prairie Sketch

Prairie Watercolor

Floral Sketch

Floral Watercolor

Barn Sketch

Barn Watercolor

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Have Questions?

How long do I have to complete the course?

The Drawing For Watercolor Workshop is yours for life! You'll have ongoing access to all the units and downloadable content forever, including any future updates.

Do I get the multi day course all at once?

As soon as you purchase the course, you'll begin receiving access to one unit per day, which will contain multiple lessons. Once you have accessed all the units, you have lifetime access.

What if I'm not benefiting from the course?

If you find that you aren't experience positive growth and change in your work, you can request a full refund at any time within 14 days of purchasing the course.

What if I'm new to drawing?

This workshop is stresses the importance of drawing, and covers hours of drawing and sketching skills, but is not a drawing instruction course for beginners who have never drawn. It's designed for watercolor painters especially, to begin focusing on value observations and drawing accuracy to elevate the artistic caliber of their paintings.

Receive immediate access to the course upon payment.

You'll also be invited to join my free, private Facebook group for current and previous workshop members. It's a great place to share your work and connect with other likeminded watercolorists!



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